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My Dream Now App



Features of the app

Young people can search for different professions, companies or universities that they are curious about. In a list and on a map, they can find contacts at various companies and schools. All contacts in the app have voluntarily registered just to be able to answer questions via a chat and/or meet on occasion.

For young people

Find people who have exciting jobs or who are studying at university.

  • Connect with people by chatting and ask more about their job or education. 

  • Book a meeting with contacts at their workplaces.

  • Find people with the same functional variety and who have exciting jobs.

  • Get an insight into what different workplaces and possible future jobs can look like.


For volunteers

An opportunity for employees to inspire and motivate young people who need a little extra support.

  • Take some time to listen and answer questions in the chat about career and working life. - Make a difference.

  • Being an adult contact that is of great importance to a young person.

For companies

Showcase your company via your employees' profiles with a description of your business together with a logo and image.

  • Link to your website and, for example, vacancies

The app that gives young people the opportunity to create
contacts in working life.


Today, there is no digital platform for young people to make contacts in the working world. At the same time, there are many people who would be happy to share their experiences and tell about their profession to someone who is curious. That's why we created the My Dream Now app.

You as an individual can register and be available to answer questions or meet young people.

You as a company can make your company visible and highlight it

your activities for young people all over Sweden.

​Download the app here atGoogle Play orApp Store.

​See below for more information about the app and
offer for companies.


Questions about the app? Get in touch!

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