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A day of inspiration,
meetings and activities

During a Future Day, students meet professionals from different types of companies for exciting meetings and inspiration.

Division of students

For the best experience, students are split up and participate in either a morning or afternoon session. The sessions are in turn divided into several stations that the students rotate between.

Inspiring activities

At each station there is a simple activity or exercise for the students. This could be, for example, pairing tasks with the right profession or trying programming.

Companies volunteer

A Future Day is built around a number of stations that are planned and staffed by companies from various industries. We invite and manage all contact with the companies.

Motivational meetings

The professionals talk about their jobs in a simple way. Focus is layed on education, hobbies and other jobs that led to the jobs they have today.

Practical information

Small student groups rotate between stations:

We manage all contact with the school and the companies
At school or other venue, for example a hotel
Stations in rooms or separated areas in larger premises
The school divides groups of 8-12 students
Adapted for students in elementary and high school
Focus on rewarding content in the station, not the appearance

Examples of questions that students are encouraged to ask during a Future Day.


  • What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

  • How long does one go to school to work for you?

  • What do you need to be good at in your job?

  • Can you work outdoors/indoors?

Moments from past Future Days


Want to know more? 

Our contact person is happy to answer.

Jennifer Ericsson 
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