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Study visits via My Dream Now

We find companies that want to inspire students by welcoming them to their workplace. 


How it works

The visits last about 2 hours and take place with half a class, which is about 12-14 students plus an accompanying adult.

The company plans a tour, a simpler activity at the workplace and an evaluation of the visit with the students.


We are responsible for all coordination with the school and contact with the company.


Study visits in different ways

Occasional study visits

We arrange study visits for one or more classes at workplaces.

Customized study visits

Guided by the wishes from the school's pedagogues, we plan study visits with a clear connection to the current curriculum.

Study visits within the Class Coach program

Take a look at the film next to this and join us on an exciting study visit that we have arranged as part of the class coach program.  


Want to know more? 

Our contact person is happy to answer.

Jennifer Ericsson 
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