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We are here for YOU!

Thats right, you, who goes to school! We want to help you find your dream. You are enough the way you are and you have many cool opportunities! 

Tips and guides from us:

Find your dreams & how to get there!
How do you find a prao/internship?
Writing a CV and a cover letter.
How you get from school to work!

Have fun in YOUR spare time!

Below, we have collected the best links where you can find information about studies, dream jobs and something fun to do in your spare time. 

Tip, search on Google!


basketball + youth + Akalla

association + youth + Bergsjön 

free time + youth + Uppsala

photography + youth + Malmö

summer vacation + youth + Stockholm

football + youth + Gothenburg

Find the right high school for YOU

How do you pick a school? Do you have questions about admission? Click on the buttons to  find information about different schools and courses:

Find YOUR dream job

Have you started thinking about what you want to be? Do you find it difficult to come up with something? Do you know what you want to work with but wonder how to get there? Click the buttons!

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