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Hello school people! We are also passionate about your students.

Through concrete programs and long-term collaborations, we help your students reach their goals at school and enter the labour market.

Concrete programs

We have several concrete programs for middle school, junior high and high school. Give us dates and we will take care of planning, coordination and following up!

Long-term cooperation

We are not a project! We are a social enterprise that does not depend on temporary contributions. When we visit our schools, both students and staff recognize us. 

Motivation and goals

Our programs motivate your students to reach their goals in school. In the programs that are directly linked to the curriculum, we have examples of classes where the average grade was raised by one grade. 


What are the students saying? 

Translated from Swedish:

"You become motivated to study further after each meeting with My Dream Now. I learned, for example, what to think about in job interviews.”


"I feel much more prepared to find a job in the future thanks to My Dream Now."

​"My Dream Now has influenced me to become more active and focus more on my dream and plans for


"They have made me motivated and to dare to dream."


"I have learned that there are more professions than I thought"

​" You had to learn about different paths to your goals that you have, that you shouldn't be worried about the future."

Schools which we have collaborated with

  • Grindtorpsskolan, Alby

  • Fittjaskolan, Fittja

  • Cordoba International School, Kista

  • Thorildsplan high school, Stockholm

  • Kärrtorps Gymnasium, Stockholm​

  • Klara Östra Gymnasium, Stockholm

  • Treklangensskola, Uppsala

  • Frejaskolan, Gothenburg​

  • Angeredsgymnasiet, Gothenburg

  • Bergsjöskolan, Gothenburg

  • Hjällboskolan, Gothenburg

  • JENSEN gymnasium, Malmö 

  • Praktiska gymnasiet, Malmö

  • Cheleta Primary School, Nairobi

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