Inspiring collaboration school - work life

We offer several different programs for elementary- and high school students that give them motivation to achieve the goals in the school. The purpose is to inspire the students to believe in themselves, to understand their opportunities in the working life, to seek their own dreams and ways to get there. The class coach program is our main program and has received the greatest spreading among the schools. Our evaluations show that many of the students find it important and inspiring to meet role models from the working life. We prioritize schools in areas where many young people lack adult role models but where the potential is also the greatest.

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We have different programs and opportunities for increased collaboration between school and the working life


Class coach program

This is our main program where students are given the opportunity to find paths to work and dreams. We train volunteer class coaches from working life that the students get to meet on two to four occasions during a school year.


The program is educationally structured with different focus; Understand the importance of active leisure time, experiences outside the school, understand the job market, how to apply for jobs etc. In support of this process, we use our own methodology DreamMap which has proven to work very well in school.


During the school year, students may also make one or more study visits at one of our partner companies. We can also offer guest lecturers who come out to the school and talk about some current topic.



My Dream Now works with three different types of work experience activities: One-day work experience, work experience in a specific Industry  and traditional work experience.

One-day work experience: One or two students are at a workplace during one day. Often different types of offices, which have difficulty receiving students for a whole week.

Work experience in an industry: One or two classes come to a workplace for one day and get to try out many different professions. Workplaces such as hotels and healthcare that have concrete tasks to try, but have difficulty offeingr students work experience in regular activities.

Traditionell work experience: A student is at a workplace for five days. Often at workplaces such as a shop, restaurant, daycare, elderly care.

Examples of combined programs that according to the new legislation give the students ten days of work experience in grade 8 and 9.

Grade 7: Class coach program with four class coach meetings and two study visits.

Grade 8: Two class coach meetings, two days with work experience in an industry and five days traditional work experience.

Grade 9: Two class coach meetings and three days with one-day work experience.


Customized program

Based on the school's needs, we carry out inspirational lectures, study visits, labor market knowledge, professional interviews and other meetings with working life and college. From half-days to a whole inspirational week.

We also offer other forms of meetings with working life, which can be integrated into a tailor-made program for the school: Inspiration days, job interviews, guest lectures etc.

Schools we collaborate with

  • Grindtorpsskolan, Alby

  • Fittjaskolan, Fittja

  • Cordoba International School, Kista

  • Thorildsplan high school, Stockholm

  • ​​Kärrtorps Gymnasium, Stockholm​

  • Klara Östra Gymnasium, Stockholm

  • Frejaskolan, Gothenburg​

  • Angeredsgymnasiet, Gothenburg

  • Bergsjöskolan, Gothenburg

  • Hjällboskolan, Gothenburg

  • JENSEN high school, Malmö 

  • Practical High School, Malmö

  • Cheleta Primary School, Nairobi

Example of employers who receives study visits


Avalanche Studios

User cooperative JAG





Discovery Networks

Enter card

ELEVEN architects

The family center

The rapids




Hansen Law Firm

Johnson & Johnson

Edge Sifo

Karolinska Laboratory - clinical chemistry



Karolinska Hospital Huddinge

County Administrative Board


PE Accounting

Polar Cape



Scandic Hotels




Stockholm Exergy

Söderberg & Partners

Södertörn District Court

The meadow


Wistrands Advoktabyrå

“You get motivated to plug in after every hit with My Dream Now. For example, I learned what you have to think about in job interviews."

"I feel much more ready to find jobs in the future thanks to My Dream Now."

“My Dream Now has influenced me to become more active and focus more on my dream and plans life. "


"They have made me motivated and to dare to dream."

"I've learned that there are more professions than I thought."

"You had to learn about different paths to your goals that you have, that you should not be worried about the future."