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We understand municipal challenges and opportunities

Integration, exclusion, unemployment, segregation, security, crime; where do you begin? We say at school!


We create concrete programs for schools that motivate the students to reach the goals at school. 


Through paying partners and collaborations with local companies, we can make a big difference for many young people. 


Our vision is that all young people should feel their value in society and find their own paths to jobs and dreams.


Cooperation with municipalities

Within the framework of our core business, we can viaour programs contribute in three areas; education, business and working life. 

We can also be a collaborating party in various types of (long-term!) projects, with a focus on getting students in primary and secondary school age from school to work. ​

As a collaborating partner with your municipality, we can also provide support to municipal management in coordination between social actors, administrations and committees.

We are not a project

We are a non-profit social enterprise, mainly funded by paying partners. Free from dependence on temporary grants and investments, we have a long-term approach in all our activities.

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"We are open to conversations about how we can contribute to solutions within and between areas of responsibility to solve your challenges."

Jonas Bygdeson
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