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Our programs

We have several concrete programs for schools which create inspiring meetings between students and working life.

The class coach program

Small teams of volunteer role models meet with a class 2-4 times per academic year.

An entire academic year

At school

Elementary school + High school

Industry day

A business showcases its industry and inspires students. For example within IT, hospitality or healthcare.

A whole day

At workplace or other premises

High school + junior high

Study visit

Pupils are motivated through well-planned study visits to various workplaces in the local area.

Approx 2 hours

At workplace

High school + Junior high

Future day

Students meet professionals from several different companies and get to try out activities for half a day.

Half a day

At school or other premises

High school + junior high


A company asks a class for help with a real problem related to current curriculum. 

A semester

Mostly at school

High School

What do the students say?

“I have been motivated. Don't feel helpless, feel like I can get where I want”
"You got to learn about different paths to your goals"
"I feel much more prepared to find a job in the future thanks to My Dream"


Hey! We are for you who is in high school, junior high school or middle school. We want to help you find your dream.



We offer several concrete programs for elementary and high school that motivate students to reach their goals in school.



 We want to help your child see what opportunities are available and guide them on the path between school and working life.

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