About us

Our vision is that all young people know their worth in society and find their own ways to work and dreams.


We create inspirational collaboration in school - working life. We engage volunteers from working life who inspire students to see the opportunities in the job market.


My Dream Now offers a concrete program for inspirational collaboration school-work life. Employers who want to take active social responsibility are paying partners and offer their employees to get involved.


We prioritize elementary- and high schools in areas with the great potential, where many young people lack adult role models with inspiring jobs.


My Dream Now is driven by the social company Creador AB. 



Jennifer Ericsson

Regional manager Stockholm


School manager:

Thorildsplans gymnasium, Enbacksskolan, Östbergaskolan, Järvaskolan, Hässelbygårdsskolan

Petra Ramsten 

Program coordinator


School manager:

Vårbyskolan, Kvarnhagsskolan, Fittjaskolan, Grindtorpsskolan, Kärrtorps gymnasium

Sarah Andersson (On leave)

Program coordinator

Leila Benjari

Temporary. marketing and communication manager

072 730 23 16


Haddy Foon (Maternity leave) 

Marketing and communication manager 


Simon Fromm​​
Administrator digital development

Reza Rezvani
Program coordinator

072-927 79 67


Peter Bianconi
Volunteer in sales

Göteborg och Skåne

Isaac Haasén

Regional manager 

Lova Pettersson

Program coordinator


Sarah Njoroge

Regional manager 

+254 734 83 02 06 



Jonas Bygdeson

CEO & Founder

070 449 96 12


Address Stockholm

My Dream Now
Norrsken House, Fack 25

Birger Jarlsgatan 57c
113 56 Stockholm

Regional manager Gothenburg & Skåne
Address Gothenburg


Odinsgatan 13

Marketing and Communications 
About My Dream Now

Our vision is that all students know their value in society and find their own paths to jobs and dreams.


My Dream Now is driven by the social company Creador AB. Creador AB is an idea-based social company with a clear and primary purpose to create the greatest possible social benefit in line with our vision. 

Country Manager
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