What does partnership mean?

Partner companies can offer employees several opportunities to get involved:


  • Class coach visits a class two to four times a year, two hours each time during school hours. A team of 3-5 volunteers from different companies and with different background and employment meet the same class every time.

  • Study visit - organize a study visit for 2 hours at your workplace for 12-14 students

  • Work experience – receive students at your workplace for a week


Partnership – a business case

Are we making a difference? Watch the video and find out.

Partnership – a business case

Engaged coworkers

Employees engage themselves and feels proud that their employer takes a social responsibility. An involvement strengthens the companies values, company culture and trademark. 

Competens provision and employer branding 

Students engaged at a university want to work at a company that takes social responsibility.


Increased internal knowledge about how competence and clients look like in Sweden today. Diversity builds strong and creative organizations. 

Valuable network

You get the opportunity to build relations and meet other partner companies and class coaches. 

Develop personnel

Coworkers get education and experience in coaching approaches and get to meet people from different parts of society. Employees that make a difference, feel good! 

Business-driven sustainability 

A partnership gives you a concrete and long term program for social sustainability 

To understand why other partners have chosen to get involved, read below. 

Are you interested in becoming a partner? 

Our partner companies talk about the collaboration

Hotel day at Scandic – National partner to My Dream Now

The hotel day is a concept that My Dream Now developed in collaboration with national partner Scandic. Scandic Rubinen held the first hotel day, which was greatly appreciated by students and employees. Students from Tynneredsskolan year 9 got tested on different professions in the hotel industry.