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Class coaches inspire
through meetings at school

Small teams of volunteer role models meet with a class on several occasions during an academic year. 

Do you want to become a class coach? Read more and sign up here!

During school hours, at school

A team of 2-4 volunteer Class Coaches, students or professionals, meets a class 2-4 times during an academic year. Each meeting is 2 hours long.

Clear (and fun!) tricks

Each meeting has an inspired theme, suggestions for exercises and timetables. When the students are welcomed into the classroom, there is therefore a clear plan for the meeting.

For primary and secondary school

We can adapt the meetings for classes in grades 7-9 in elementary school or grades 1-3 in high school. We prioritize schools in areas with high unemployment.

Training and control 

All Class Coaches receive training from us before they are sent out to schools. We also check the volunteers' extracts from the charge register.

Video about Class Coaches

"We learned a lot, about our dreams, how we work in our future and things like that". 


What is required of the school?

  • In order to be able to plan the meetings, we need to know at the beginning of each term which dates suit the school.

  • The school ensures that aclassroom or other indoor space is available for all meetings, it is the solan's responsibility to inform the students of the time and place.

  • At certain meetings, the school needs to arrange for the students to have access to materials such as paper, pencil and scissors.

  • Staff from the school are welcome to participateyour meetings.


Do you have more questions?

Our contact person will be happy to answer.

Federico Porrez
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