My Dream Now in Nairobi, Kenya

We are making a difference to youth in Kenya since October 2018! 

Our vision is for all youth to understand their value in society and find their own ways to jobs and dreams.

Our model is to train volunteers, so-called class coaches, from local companies such as APA Insurance and DHL Global Forwarding.

A team of 3-4 class coaches from different employers visit a group of 20-30 students 3-4 times/year. In class we do different activities,

such as dream collages and setting goals. Companies take on study visits, to make students feel welcome, get role models and understand different jobs.

My Dream Now was founded in Sweden in 2011 by social, non-profit driven, company Creador AB. 

In Kenya it is run under licence and support from Sweden by My Dream Now Africa Ltd, a social business as well.

CEO and Country Director My Dream Now Kenya is Sarah Njoroge. On the team in Kenya are also Peter Maina and Christopher Njoroge. 

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Cheleta Primary School in Runda/Huruma VIllage, is our first school in Kenya. At the first class coach session in October 2018, nine volunteers from different employers met over 60 students in grade 5, divided into three groups. We continued with the same students during three sessions in 2019 and will continue in 2020. 


“We really appreciate the My Dream Now program!

It has had a very positive effect on our students.

They have improved a lot academically, gained self confidence and become more creative. My Dream Now's greatest contribution is to make them understand their talent." 


Mary Kimani, Principal at  Cheleta Primary School, Nairobi


"My Dream Now has helped me gain self confidence and encourage me that my talent could be a career." 


Zamzam Godana, student at Cheleta Primary School



DHL Global Forwarding has been Premium Partner Kenya to My Dream Now since 2018. 


“We at DHL Global Forwarding see that social sustainability is becoming increasingly important to us as a company. My Dream Now has a good model, which makes it easy to engage employees ”


Amadou Diallo, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding Middle East and Africa, based in Dubai.

“My staff really felt that they made a difference for the students. It gives us a lot of energy back to inspire the students who have the hardest time seeing their opportunities here in Nairobi ”


Agnaldo Laice, Country Manager DHL Global Forwarding Kenya (2018)

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About My Dream Now

Our vision is that all students know their value in society and find their own paths to jobs and dreams.


My Dream Now is driven by the social company Creador AB. Creador AB is an idea-based social company with a clear and primary purpose to create the greatest possible social benefit in line with our vision. 

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