Do You want to make a difference? 


Do you want to help young people to understand their opportunities in working life, find their dream and the path to exciting jobs?


Do you want to give inspiration to students who need role models with inspiring jobs? Is it important to do something about exclusion and youth unemployment? 


We are looking for someone who wants to be a volunteer class coach in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Skåne.



How does it work?

A team of 3-5 class coaches meets a class in school time, 2-4 times per academic year, 2 hours at a time. In the team you have different age, background and employment.

At each meeting we have a theme, where we talk about, for example:

  • visualize dreams, set goals and write paths to the dream in a Dream Map

  • how to apply for a job

  • the importance of experience in one's spare time

  • opportunities for jobs and studies in different places in Sweden and the world

Who can become a class coach? 

  • you who are at least 19 years old

  • you who want to make an effort for young people

  • you who are studying at college or other education, or have a job that you enjoy

You should feel secure in yourself and be comfortable with meeting students with different backgrounds and conditions. You may have experience of working with young people through associations or professional life.

When and where can you start? What kind of education and information will you receive?


We offer three hours of basic education for new class coaches. When you register you will see which dates we have available. Then you´ll get an offer of a class and school. During the school year there are also opportunities to enter as a replacement in existing teams. It also happens that we start at new schools during the school year. Before each class coach meeting you will receive a program and information for that specific meeting.

Would you like to apply and
become a class coach?