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Become a Class Coach through us!

Do you want to help young people understand their opportunities in working life, find their dream and the path to an exciting job?

We are looking for you who wants to volunteer as a role model for students in schools in Gothenburg, Skåne, Stockholm and Uppsala.

(You need to be comfortable with Swedish to become a class coach).

The process

1. Application 

Quick and easy, click on the button above

2. Approval

Be part of one team and choose a time that suits you. 

3. Education

3 hours in a group,

usually in the evening.

4. Matching

You get assigned a team, a class and dates.

5. School visits 

4 times per year,
1.5 hours each time.

Teams and networks

As a Class Coach, you are part of a team of 3-5 people. We manage the matchmaking of the team where you have different ages, backgrounds and occupations. After the matching, you also become part of our lovely network of Class Coaches. This gives you access to inspiration and community - locally and digitally.

Common Questions

Who can become Class Coach?

  • If you have a job that you enjoy, or are studying after high school

  • If you are at least 19 years old and can show an extract of your criminal record for work in school

  • If you are comfortable meeting students with different backgrounds and conditions

When and where can you start?

When you register, you will see which dates are currently available for our training. After the training, you are matched with a class - it is in the school's premises that the visits then take place.


Most often, the first school visit takes place in the middle of the autumn or spring semester, but it also happens that we start collaborations with new schools at other times of the year.

What kind of training and information do you get?

Our Class Coach training is 3 hours long and is carried out in groups. You can look forward to an easy and inspiring overview of our methods and values. Simple lunch or dinner is included. 

Before each school visit, you and your team of class coaches receive the program and information for the meeting.


Do you have more questions?

Our contact person for Class Coaches will be happy to answer.

Jennifer Ericsson
Thank you for your message!
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