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For guardians

Together for young people's paths
to work and dreams

We know that many young people find it difficult to find motivation at school. As a guardian, you do a fantastic job of helping and supporting. You're not alone.

Motivate with our
tips and guides

On our page for students there are tips and guides from us. Feel free to fill in and discuss together!


Encourage activities outside of school

Activities in your free time provide experiences and contacts that help you get your first job.

Give us permission to document

Our photo permissions are an important part of protecting your child's privacy and personal information.

Our vision is that all young people should feel their value in society and find their own paths to jobs and dreams. 

What does My Dream Now do?

We engage volunteers from working life and university who inspire students to see the possibilities in working life.


My Dream Now offers a concrete program for inspiring cooperation between school and working life.


Employers who want to take active responsibility for social sustainability are paying partners and offer their employees to get involved. 


Photography and film

Sometimes a photographer follows our student activities, the aim is to document our important work and inspire others. Before such a photo shoot, we will send you a photo permit.


If it is okay for you and your child to be in the photo and film, we would be very grateful if you would sign the permission.


The importance of hobbies and recreation

Hobbies and recreational activities for children are a great way to develop important experiences and skills. It's also a good way to get something to write on their CV when they're looking for a job.


Activities such as sports, music or theater can strengthen your child's self-esteem and are also a good way to create new friendships. You as a parent should support and encourage your child to participate in recreational activities that they find interesting.

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