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Problem solving creates pride and motivation in students.

Popular program where a company asks a class for help with a real-world problem related to the current curriculum.

Examples of timeframe for the autumn semester:


WEEK 39-40

The company visits the school and presents the problem to the students.

WEEKS 42-45

The students work on the solution to the problem during school hours.

WEEK 47-48

Students visit the company's workplace and are coached by the employees.

WEEK 40-41

Students attend a study visit and see for themselves the "problem" in the workplace and are coached by the company's employees.

WEEK 45-46

The company visits the school for a question and answer session.

WEEK 48-50

The students develop proposals and then present them to the company's employees

We handle all contact and coordination!

Planning with the company

We ask companies to suggest different challenges that the students can solve. Our partners have priority to the program.

Cooperation with the school

Together with the school, we create tasks with clear connections to several knowledge requirements in different subjects.


Want to know more? 

Our contact person is happy to answer.

Jennifer Ericsson 
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