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Dream Map

My dreams and how to get there

DreamMap is an exercise that involves each student mapping:

  • What can I do?

  • What do i Want?

  • What is needed?

Students fill in their own DreamMap on the computer or on paper.

The exercise starts with the class coaches telling about their job and ways to get there - how did their DreamMap look?

The exercise ends with the class coaches talking about how to set goals, how important it is with goals and follow-up. Finally general about goals for next time - active leisure time, goals for the summer.


The purpose of the exercise is to give the students an opportunity to create a vision of the future and ways to get there. Give a feeling that it can actually be possible to reach dreams even if you are struggling now.


Keywords are to give the students role models and inspiration. Get them to start thinking in setting short-term goals and celebrating success. The result is strengthened self-esteem.

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