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My Dream Now meeting place

Kosmosgatan 23 - Komettorget - Bergsjön


My Dream Now's meeting place is a safe place

for young people between 12 - 20 years.

We offer different programs every week.
The meeting place will initially be open on Mondays
between 1pm and 5pm during school weeks.

The purpose of the meeting place is to create a safe place where young people can meet and get to know other young people and adults. But also get support
in school work, make contacts in working life and be inspired to dare to follow your dreams. The meeting place will also function as an office for My Dream Now's employees and we are happy and proud to be able to be on site in an area that we prioritize.

Meet a star 

An opportunity for students to meet a working professional
at the meeting place during the day and shares his daily tasks. 



Young adults get tips and advice on CV writing, as well as the opportunity to 

role play job interviews together with class coaches who work daily with recruitment. 




A class coach holds a workshop where students get to try a
specific hobby, an interest or a sport that the class coach has. 


Voices of the young

Young adults give their own inspirational lectures on any topic. Anyone who wants is welcome to take a seat! 



Homework reading

Students receive support in reading homework. Class coaches and staff from
My Dream Now supports students with homework help. 

After school

With relaxing music we hang out together
for a relaxing afternoon.


Questions about the meeting place? Get in touch!

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