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What are the results?

Outcome - completed business collaboration school - working life.


• Collaboration with 18 schools – 80 classes

• Met a total of 1 793 students

• Engaged 267 class coaches klasscoacher who completed 179 class coach meetings

• 126 employers have received students on 141 study visits and 8 industry days

• 39 other activities at school and 22 other activities at work places

• We engaged 36 paying partners


Results – according to My Dream Now's survey with students in the class coaching program

• 61% of students feel more/much more positive about the future and jobs

• 75 %  of the students have applied or got a job (grades 8, 9 and high school)

• 37 %of the students who answered the questionnaire say that they have become more motivated at school

• 46 %  of the students who stated that they were not motivated earlier, responded that they have now become more motivated


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School collaboration is a response to a growing societal challenge


Our partner Skanska has let Payoff evaluate the collaboration professionally and independently. Their conclusion: “Skanska's school investment really makes a difference. Individual students may very well receive crucial inspiration and motivation for educational pathways and career choices by meeting representatives from working life. These results are sufficient to judge the efforts as both socially and socially financially successful. By only 'saving' four students, the reimbursement for Skanska's all four projects together will be paid for over a year.


” Payoff expects that every individual who provides full-time work without subsidies gives a socio-economic value of SEK 500,000 per year. Although you cannot say for sure how many students will get jobs in the future thanks to school collaboration, it is enough for four of the students concerned to pass the studies and come to work a year earlier than otherwise. Then the entire venture is profitable.


Read the whole report down below

Are we making a difference? (English subtitle is possible)

Listen to former students  Sami Al Ghrawi, Nima Kafi and Abdulkarim Aljehani

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