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Partner case

Our partners talk about our collaboration and why investing in social sustainability is important.

DLL, partners since 2012

My Dream Now has a long and strong partnership withDLL.

Thanks to committed employees and initiatives for social sustainability, My Dream Now and DLL have together inspired young people to find their own paths to jobs and dreams.

"I think My Dream Now has a very important and valuable role in society."

- Sara Kroné Karlsson, Marketing Specialist Nordics and Class Coach


Read the entire interview with employees from DLL (pdf)

Canon, partners since 2014

What does social sustainability mean to Canon and how does it affect the work environment and employees?

My Dream Now promotes social sustainability and, in collaboration with Canon, collaboration is created between school and working life.

"The effects we have seen are above all the commitment of the staff. But also to be an inspiration to young people who may lack role models, who may not know anyone who has an inspiring job. So it is incredibly rewarding for both parties."

- Kristina Forsmark-Mattson, HR manager at Canon.

Stockholm Exergi_edited.png
Stockholm Exergi, partners since 2017

Why has Stockholm Exergi invested in social sustainability and how does it make a difference for their employees? 

A partnership with My Dream Now is not a one-sided exchange, but the partnership also promotes the company and its employees.

"Stockholm Exergi must reflect the diversity in Stockholm, which is why we have chosen this focus area which deals with increased employment among young people in exclusion.

In our collaboration with My Dream Now, it is important that we strive together towards a sustainable society."

- Anna Leander, HR & sustainability manager

Read the full interview with Stockholm Exergi (pdf)

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