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We offer municipalities a long-term cooperation.




  • Create inspiring collaborations in school-work life in accordance with the curriculum's requirements for guidance in the broad sense from year 1 of elementary school.


  • Motivate students in school, create an understanding of the relevance of the subjects in the working life.​​


  • Give students knowledge about the job market, inspiration and role models so that they can make well-founded choices for high school, which reduces drop-outs and changes. Increase the proportion of students applying for vocational programs.

  • Provide students with language introductions, introductory programs, increased motivation and ability to work for themselves.

  • The school's mission to compensate for socio-economic differences.


My Dream Now can contribute with:


  • Class Coaching Program: a team of volunteers from different employers meets a class 2-4 times per academic year. Various employers receive groups of 12-15 students on a 2 hour study visit. 


  • Industry Days: one or more workplaces in the same industry receive one or more classes during a day. In smaller groups, students may try different tasks at different stations. The school can count the day as a work experience-day.​


What will it cost and mean for the muncipality:

  • Municipalities where we are already established: schools in areas with great potential can contact us (see contact details at the bottom) for dialogue about starting the class coach program. The basic program costs SEK 390 / pupil and academic year. Click here to download the school offer - fee per pupil, which is normally paid by the school.


  • Municipalities wishing to offer the class coach program to their schools can contact us for a dialogue about the conditions. The school's fee only covers a small part of the costs.

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