We offer municipalities a long-term cooperation.




  • Create inspiring collaborations in school-work life in accordance with the curriculum's requirements for guidance in the broad sense from year 1 of elementary school.


  • Motivate students in school, create an understanding of the relevance of the subjects in the working life.​​


  • Give students knowledge about the job market, inspiration and role models so that they can make well-founded choices for high school, which reduces drop-outs and changes. Increase the proportion of students applying for vocational programs.

  • Provide students with language introductions, introductory programs, increased motivation and ability to work for themselves.

  • The school's mission to compensate for socio-economic differences.


My Dream Now can contribute with:


  • Class Coaching Program: a team of volunteers from different employers meets a class 2-4 times per academic year. Various employers receive groups of 12-15 students on a 2 hour study visit. 


  • Industry Days: one or more workplaces in the same industry receive one or more classes during a day. In smaller groups, students may try different tasks at different stations. The school can count the day as a work experience-day.​


What will it cost and mean for the muncipality:

  • Municipalities where we are already established: schools in areas with great potential can contact us (see contact details at the bottom) for dialogue about starting the class coach program. The basic program costs SEK 390 / pupil and academic year. Click here to download the school offer - fee per pupil, which is normally paid by the school.


  • Municipalities wishing to offer the class coach program to their schools can contact us for a dialogue about the conditions. The school's fee only covers a small part of the costs.

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Our vision is that all students know their value in society and find their own paths to jobs and dreams.


My Dream Now is driven by the social company Creador AB. Creador AB is an idea-based social company with a clear and primary purpose to create the greatest possible social benefit in line with our vision. 

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