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Verksamhetsrapporten 2022/23

This report is about My Dream Now's operations in Sweden during 2023/22, in it you can read about:

  •  Highlights from the financial year.

  • Challenges that motivate us and how we work.

  • Social sustainability and cooperation between school and working life.

  • Statistics from completed operations.

  • Feedback from students, teachers and class coaches.

  • The value for partner companies.











How do we know if we are making a difference?

To measure impact and see if we really make a difference, we start from the impact ladder and the concepts that are now established as the standard for impact measurement in social enterprises. 


1. What are the problems and what
    what can be done about them?


  • What are the root causes of the problems and the needs of the target group?

  • What is our theory of change - what change what effort do we want to achieve?

2. What have we done? 

  • How much effort, how much activity have we performed for how many?

  • What is our performance?

5. Was it worth the time and money?
What will be the monetary savings
and the gains for the individual and society?
What will be the social return?

3. What were the results?


  • What a change, what an outcome it resulted in?

  • What outcome can we assume from
    interviews, qualitative method?

  • What outcome have we been able to measure with quantitative method? 

4. What effect did it have?


  • How much of the outcome is a result of the interventions, what would have happened anyway?

  • So what is our effect? 

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